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weight loss protien


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Friday, May 2, 2014

Get Started With Shakes and Supplements for Improved Nutrition

The world's largest food company has a reputation for Weight Management Best Protein shake providing a healthy, satisfying alternative for modern, fast –food lifestyles. Our science-based, weight-management is simple, easy-to-follow and delicious. It is a flexible advantage that can be personalized for customers depending on whether they want to reduce, gain or maintain their weight.

In a time poor society such as ours, convenience becomes a very important concept. While we’re bombarded every day with messages urging us to be healthy and fit, our busy lives and the environment around us make that goal harder to achieve than what the messages suggest. Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work and an intense weight or Cardio session. The last thing you would feel like doing is preparing and cooking a balanced meal. This becomes a problem considering most industry experts agree that nutrition is perhaps 50-60% of where your effort should be concentrated on to attain your goals. Whey Weight Loss is an excellent source of protein because of its high biological value!

Protein Shakes Are Suitable

Using protein shakes is a relatively cheap, effective and convenient solution for supplementing your daily protein needs. Remember though that your goal is to get the majority of your nutrients from whole foods first, so avoid relying completely on protein shakes to get your protein as you may be missing out on a variety of other fantastic nutrients found in real foods. Picking the right protein and the right supplementation procedure is almost as important as having the shake it. Here’s a guide to the different types of protein shakes and when to use it:
  1. Food Replacement Shakes: Perfect for those who just don’t have enough time to eat three square main meals per day.
    • For the busy people who doesn’t have time to cook.
    • Looking for about 350-500 calories, high in fibre contains vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat.
  2. Protein Powders: The lifeblood of supplementation for bodybuilders, athletes and the recreational trainer alike. Correct timing of protein powders is a great way to achieve maximum muscle growth and improve recovery.
    • For anyone who exercises on a regular basis.
    • Looking for at least 25-30g of protein per serving with at least 6g of essential amino acids.
  3. Fat Loss Protein Shakes: Contain a variety of naturally derived ingredients which may promote weight loss through a variety of mechanisms including mild appetite suppression, increased thermogenesis and reduced digestion or absorption of fat or carbs to name a few.
    • For people who regularly exercise & want an extra boost in their ability to lose weight.
    • Best for a good dose of weight/fat loss ingredients & Creatine supplements
  4. Mass Gaining Protein Shakes: As its name suggests, mass gaining proteins are exactly that, they are meant to help an individual gain mass. They are high in protein, carbs and often fats as well.
    • People who are looking to add on some mass or bulk as well as general hard gainers
    • Looking for a product with similar amounts of protein and carbs whilst being low in saturated fat.
  5. Ready to Drink Protein Shakes: Are the ultimate convenience protein supplement. It’s the easiest way to get a quick source of protein after your workouts or as a snack on the go.
    • For the super busy individual who wants to avoid measuring powder and messy clean ups.
    • Looking for a shake that provides you with at least 29g of protein with at least 7g of EAAs if possible.
Right from building a foundation in wellness with basic nutritional needs with targeted supplements, we have it all. Boosting your energy level for a better physical and mental performance is what our Energy & Fitness products are all about. These quality solutions can provide anyone with a nutritional edge each day!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The best whey protein for weight loss

Our products are manufactured using cGMP standards. Manufacturing sites are cGMP certified and FDA inspected and follow the same strict guidelines that pharmaceutical companies must follow.

Every ingredient used in our products is dosage and performance specific to provide the user with the most effective results. The best whey protein for weight loss, We do not under-dose ingredients or use unnecessary ingredients to fool the consumer.

Our business is dependant on our customers. We are second to none in quality, responsiveness, product cost and on-time delivery. When You Succeed, WE Succeed!

Best protein shake for weight loss

Every Maximum Nutrition product is Fueled by Innovation & Backed by Science. Best protein shake for weight loss Our research and development team has produced innovative breakthroughs in a wide range of research areas, including fat loss, increased lean body mass, strength, stamina, sex drive and testosterone enhancement. At Maximum Nutrition, we are relentless in our pursuit of nutritional excellence by combining scientific research with years of experience in the health and fitness field. This allows us to provide an unmatched line of nutritional and performance enhancing products for the consumer whose commitment to fitness could only be rewarded by results. A dedication mirrored by our own pursuit of developing the world’s most innovative, effective, and above all else, safe nutritional and performance enhancing supplements. Our goal is to help you to attain your goals and achieve the results you desire.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ladies' Protein Shake (Accomplish Your Best Shape)!

Our protein-powered shake is the Best protein powder for women weight loss which helps satisfy hunger while keeping you energized. Managing your weight doesn’t have to be a challenge.
For long time, women have purchased into the myth that protein shakes are just for the dumbbell curling gym goers, believing that protein shakes would result in guns a power lifter would envy. Cue 2014 and women are starting to understand the many benefits of protein, from muscle recovery to the undeniable weight management perks. Protein is an indispensable element in the quest of a fit and fabulous body.
Protein savvy women are now on the hunt for the perfect protein powder to complement their busy lifestyles, but with so many options available, choosing the right one can be daunting. So to help you make your choice, here’s a short but helpful guide:
What Is Your Fitness Goal?
Before you decide to hit the shops and give your visa a workout, ask yourself what are your goals? Are you after a protein shake to assist with muscle tone or are you one of the enviably few women aiming to gain weight and muscle mass. Once you determine this, then picking the right protein powder becomes much simpler.
Advantages of Women’s Protein Shake
While most of us fight the daily battle of the bulge, there is also some on the other side of the fence who struggle to gain even a few pounds, short of overindulging in the not so good for you treats, a Protein Shake designed for muscle gain with Creatine for endurance  is the next best thing.
Protein shakes which are designed to help you gain muscle and body mass should pack a stronger protein punch then most. When picking your powder, aim for a powder with at least 22g of protein per serving. To kick your body into mass gain overdrive, look for a powder which is high in amino acids and low in fat. This combination in addition to a diet with a balanced ratio of protein to carbs will assist with building body mass.
Women’s protein shakes are not only delicious, but the scientifically developed blend of rapid absorbing protein and carbohydrates is perfect for anyone struggling to healthy gain weight.
Our Core Products are formulated to enhance the effects of our entire line of products:
  • ·         Provides essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • ·         Daily complex for long- term good health
  • ·         For improved nutrient absorption and energy enhancement
  • ·         Protein supplement helps you feel full and increases metabolism
  • ·         Supports your immune system
Lady Whey women’s protein shake: we know the best activities are the hot and sweaty ones. From the gym to the beach to the dance floor, we’ve got what your body needs to be fit, flexible and focused. Our great tasting range of fitness inspired active nutrition products have the feel-good ingredients with balanced Creatine supplements and a protein punch to keep you energized and satisfied. Whether you’re a multitasking mom or gym junkie; running a marathon or just looking to get healthy, our Lady Whey women’s protein shake is there to cheer on all women who are on the go or just simply want a healthier lifestyle. For those of you who don’t stop, We Help You Keep Going.
Our protein supplements are designed for your body type and helps satisfy your hunger. Studies show that reducing even a small amount of weight can improve your well-being and reducing a few pounds can make all the difference when it comes to feeling great. So get your weight under control, achieve your wellness goals and get started on our Lady Whey women’s protein shake products today.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Best recovery protein Boost Up Your Life!


Specializing in weight management, energy enhancers, nutritional supplement and personal care products. Research shows that complementing exercise along with a proper diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. This further keeps an individual away from many chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, ill mental health, cancers, stroke and back injury. In today’s world, exercising routine is regarded imperfect without vital elements called Nutritionalife. They act as a Best recovery protein which fuel your body and boost sporting performance.

Nutritionalife are dietary supplements used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance weight gain, promote weight loss, replace meals and improve athletic performance. They are specially prepared to complement the diet and provide essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, etc. that might be missing or found in insufficient quantities in one’s diet.

Nutritionalife : Essential Ingredients

Nutitionalifeproducts are sold either in the form of single ingredient preparation or in the form of "stacks", i.e. exclusive blends of various supplements offering synergistic benefits.

Among the most commonly used Nutritionalife, few are:
  1. Multi-vitamins: They are the most essential supplements used by bodybuilders and sports persons to enhance performance. Multivitamins encompass both vitamins and minerals in varying combinations and are used by the body to carry out various metabolic reactions and processes occurring in everyday life.
  2. Proteins: They are required by the body to support maximum muscle growth. Protein powders are usually consumed immediately before and after a workout session like whey protein, while others are consumed before going to bed like casein protein.
  3. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA): There are three branched-chain amino acids namely, Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine that are responsible for various biological processes in the body.
  4. Glutamine: As a part of Nutritionalife, hard training athletes require Glutamine because the body is unable to synthesize enough of it on its own. It boosts body’s immune system, promotes greater protein synthesis and improved hydration, resulting in the increase of lean tissue.
  5. Essential fatty acids: These cannot be synthesized by the body but required for carrying out various functions within the body for inducing good health.
  6. Creatine: Creatine for endurance is an excellent supplement used as a part of strength training program wherein it helps in producing lean muscle tissue.
  7. Weight loss products: Often regarded as a quick fix for losing weight, weight loss products when used as a part of Nutritionalife, enhance an individual’s fat loss goals.
  8. Testosterone boosters: These not only support healthy testosterone levels but also support libido, lean muscle mass, strength, endurance and recovery.

Nutritionalife products are used as an important part of many sports training routines like strength sports such as weight lifting and bodybuilding and endurance sports such as cycling, running and swimming.

Factors Deciding the Nutritional Requirement

There is a wide array of Nutritionalife products available and it is sometimes difficult to opt for the right one. There are factors that help in deciding an athlete's or a bodybuilder’s nutritional needs. They are:
  • Type of activity (aerobic vs. anaerobic)
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Height
  • BMI (Body mass index)
  • Workout stage (pre-workout, intra-workout, recovery)
  • Best protein shake for weight loss for men
  • Times of the day, as some nutrients are utilized by the body more effectively during the night time while sleeping.To improve your nutrition, get started with shakes and supplements for improved nutrition today with Nutritionalife.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Achieve Your Best Shape

we know the best activities are the hot and sweaty ones. From the gym to the beach to the dance floor, we’ve got what your body needs to be fit, flexible and focused. Our great tasting range of fitness inspired active nutrition products have the feel-good ingredients with balanced Creatinesupplements and protein punch to keep you energized and satisfied. Whether you’re a multitasking mum or gym junkie; running a marathon or just run off your feet, women’s protein shake is there to cheer on all women who have a go and just simply do better than yesterday. For those of you who don’t stop. We help you Keep Going.

 Our personalized program is designed to your body type and helps satisfy your hunger. Studies show that reducing even a small amount of weight can improve your well being and reducing few kilos can make all the difference when it comes to feeling great. So get your weight under control, achieve your wellness goals and get started on women’s protein shake products today.